Tactical Shooting
(at Sambo 7)

Never shot a gun? Or always hitting the bulls-eye on a range?

But how well do you shoot when you are being shot at? When you are attacked with a knife? When you have to move through an exposed area? Or when it is pitch dark?

You will learn all of this and much more in a safe environment using realistic airsoft hand guns of your choice.

This course teaches tactical employment of a firearm. You will learn:

  • armament identification
  • proper carry and employ of a hand gun
  • quick draw
  • defensive and offensive movement with a hand gun
  • defence against a knife
  • moving alone and in a group
  • shooting in adverse conditions
  • shooting accuracy under duress
  • acrobatics

and many other things based on the real training of American Special Forces and Russian Spetsnaz.

Decision making is a key to any high stress situation. A “tactical” decision, or a pre-programmed response, might keep you and others alive, while an automated, or untrained, response could prove disastrous for more than just yourself.

The class is open both for people experienced with firearms and for people who never fired a gun. Yet all participants are guaranteed to be challenged in the class.

The class is given every Tuesday at 19:00 as a guest course hosted by Sambo 7 at 14 Union St, Woburn, MA.





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(at Sambo 7)”

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