Real-World Hand-to-Hand Combat
(at Sambo 7)

This course can be summarized in one sentence: How to get from point A to point B with no conventional weapons, no matter who stands on the way.

The general philosophy is that the person is too busy to fight, so all the techniques are designed to make a fight as short as possible.

You will learn how to subdue or render harmless an opponent twice your size, how to defeat multiple opponents, how to disarm an opponent armed with a knife or a gun and many other things, that most of the people do not consider essential for the everyday life.

This course is taught by American ex-Reconnaissance Marines and Russian ex-Spetsnaz members. The course is open to active SWAT and police professionals, ex-military personnel, people preparing for joining American military and for the general public.

The class is given every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19:00 as a guest course hosted by Sambo 7 at 14 Union St, Woburn, MA.





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(at Sambo 7)”

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