Our goal is to make sure that anyone who graduates this school can survive and achieve his or her goal or objective under any circumstances and in any environment.

Sambo Tactical School was created to offer specialized training in various scenarios and settings (urban, suburban, wilderness) using proven techniques borrowed from military, special ops and other communities.

This is the next level of tactical training. Yet “tactical” does not always mean “related to combat”. It means “thought through, prepared and dynamic”. You will learn how to be strong in your mind and in your body. How to secure a site, how to defeat multiple opponents in a city street, how to survive in the woods, how to use a computer securely, how to navigate in the wilderness, how to defeat your own fears and many, many other things.

And you will achieve all of this while having fun with your fellow students, instructors and new friends!

Our program is designed so you can take it at your own pace and are comfortable at every level.

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